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The Most Popular 18650 Battery Packs By Vodno

Aug. 09, 2018

The 18650 Battery Pack is one of the most popular Lithium Polymer Battery available today. Powered by the 18650 battery, it is very reliable and boasts an excellent cost per kilowatt hour.

18650 Battery Pack may include 2S 7.4V 18650 Battery Pack, 3S 11.1V 18650 Battery Pack, 4S 14.8V 18650 Battery Pack,5S 18.5V 18650 Battery Pack, etc.

Its Features includes:

Light weight with a high energy density - better than most other rechargeable battery chemistries

Very low self-discharge rate

No battery memory effect

A built in IC prevents over-charge and over-discharging of the pack, prolonging battery life

Perfect for bike lighting, RC cars and airplanes, robots, cameras, etc.

Charges with a Smart Universal Battery Li-Ion battery charger

In addition, are you interested in building Customized Battery? Particularly the 18650 battery pack. Here we go into detail describing the process we use to create Customized Battery. Or our expert team can do all the heavy lifting for you. Please pick up the phone and call us now, we can give your the better advice.

18650 Battery Pack

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