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Guidelines for the Use of E-bike Battery Pack

Mar. 12, 2018

Charging has great influence on the E-bike Battery Pack service life. Every electric bike or car will be debugged repeatedly before leaving the factory, so as to maximize the product performance. There is no exception from the color matching, enamel to charge control. Different types of charging devices adopt different technologies, Lithium Battery Charger provided by manufacturer can avoid the mutual exclusion effect effectively, to ensure the battery charging in best state maximum. If the charger is damaged, you should consult the manufacturer and buy corresponding charger. 

Battery capacity is an important criterion for measuring its performance. The battery has been activated since leaving factory, the chemical reaction inside the self discharge is going on all the time. So that the battery will consume a part of electric energy. When the consumer is buying the e-bike battery, its capacity will be smaller than the battery rated capacity. It is best to recharge the battery before the first use. So that the capacity of the battery is saturated. 

E-bike Battery Pack

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