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How To Take Care Of E-Bike Battery?

Oct. 11, 2018

The most amount of charge cycles given by E-bike Battery Supplier actually corresponds to the amount of recharging cycles a battery could theoretically experience without sacrificing too much efficacy . Let us tell you how to take care of your E-Bike Battery?


Constantly use the charger in addition to the adapter provided with your own E-Bike Battery. It'll prevent tripping and protects the battery from damage due to short circuits.

Permit your battery cool before charging it. In addition, don't use it straight after recharging.

Never fully empty the battery, but constantly try charging it to 100%.

In case you won't use your bicycle for extended intervals, be certain you partially charge the battery every month or two.

Always disconnect the charger from the Power Battery along with the system after charging.


Maintain your battery in a cool and dry area (preferably between 0 and 20°).

Avoid elevated temperatures and don't leave the battery close to a heating source.


Recall that electricity and water don't fit! Before cleanup (as nicely as prior to performing any work on your own e-bike) always get rid of the battery.

Never utilize a steam pressure washer when cleansing the battery (or your e-bike).

Never fully immerse the battery in water. Wiping it off using a damp cloth is sufficient.

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