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What Is The Difference Between Lithium Ion And Lithium Polymer Battery?

Nov. 26, 2018

Do you know the difference between Lithium Ion And Lithium Polymer Battery? Now Lithium Polymer Battery Supplier will explain it to you.

Lithium-Ion Batteries started their advancement in 1912. But they didn't become popular until they had been embraced by Sony in 1991. Lithium Ion Batteries possess high energy-densities and price significantly less than Lithium Polymer Battery. Additionally, they don't need priming when initially used and possess a minimal self-discharge. But, lithium-ion batteries do suffer with aging -- even if not being used.

Lithium-polymer batteries may be dated back to the 1970's. Their first design comprised a dry solid polymer electrolyte that resembled a plastic picture. Thus, this sort of Lipolymer Battery could lead to credit card thin layouts while still holding comparatively very good battery life. Moreover, lithium-polymer batteries are extremely lightweight and have enhanced security. Nonetheless, these batteries will probably cost more to manufacture and also possess a much worse energy density compared to lithium ion batteries.

Lithium Polymer Battery

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