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Polymer Lithium Battery And Ordinary Lithium Battery Which One Has A Longer Life

Sep. 03, 2018

Whether it is from a technical point of view or price , the battery has a very important position.

The difference between a Lithium Polymer Battery and a normal battery is on the electrolyte. In the original design of the 1970s, solid polymer electrolytes were used. This type of electrolyte is similar to a plastic film and does not conduct electrons but allows ion exchange (atoms or radicals that can be charged). The polymer electrolyte replaces the conventional porous membrane impregnated with the electrolyte. The design of the dry polymer electrolyte allows for simplified assembly, improved battery mechanical strength, safety, and the ability to be fabricated into an ultra-thin geometry. The thickness of a single battery can be as thin as 1 mm. Equipment designers are able to design the shape and size of the battery based on their imagination. Unfortunately, solid Li Polymer Battery Cell are subject to their poor electrical conductivity. The internal resistance is too high to provide the high pulse current required by the current communication device and cannot drive the hard disk of the notebook. Heating the battery to 60 degrees Celsius, the conductivity is rapidly increasing, but such requirements are not suitable for use in portable devices. As a compromise, some gel electrolytes have been introduced.

Lithium Polymer Battery

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