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Battery Voltage Measurement Method Introduction

May. 09, 2019

A battery is an electrical chemical device that stores chemical energy and discharges electricity when necessary. As a Power Battery Pack Factory, let us introduce the battery voltage measurement method.

There is a known relationship between the battery voltage and the remaining power. Therefore, according to the capacity and use of the battery, the voltage across the resistor is measured. When the voltage of the battery is lower than the load when the load is loaded, the battery can be judged. However, the precondition is that without any load, after the load is applied, the battery voltage will be distorted by the internal impedance, and will gradually decrease at different rates with time, and gradually become taller after the load is removed. Therefore, if a load is applied, the detection result of the dry battery power is affected.

The multimeter can also accurately measure the voltage of the dry battery. By measuring the level of the dry battery voltage, the power is judged. The dry battery has an alkaline battery and a carbon battery.

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If the measured voltage is not less than the marked voltage of the dry battery, it means that the power of the dry battery is sufficient; the more the marked voltage of the dry battery is, the more the dry battery loses power, because the test results of different dry batteries will be affected, but for the single section For dry batteries, as long as the use is an ordinary pointer type universal meter, the universal meter selects the maximum current file (0.5A-1A), the negative meter pen is connected to the battery negative pole, and the positive meter pen quickly touches the positive electrode of the battery, pay attention to observe the movement of the hands (short circuit current) ), you know how much power is left in the battery.

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