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​Four Common Battery Charging Error Concepts 1

Apr. 02, 2019

Many people do not pay much attention when using the battery, thinking that they can be used when they buy it. There is no reasonable use at all, which causes the battery life to be shortened and the responsibility is pushed to the manufacturer.  As a 12V Storage Battery Manufacturer, let's take the 12V Storage Battery as an example to introduce the most common four charging error concepts, I hope to help everyone.

1. 12V Storage Battery does not charge initially

The first charge of the battery is called initial charge, and the initial charge has a great influence on the service life and charge capacity of the battery. If the charging is insufficient, the battery charging capacity is not high, the service life is short, and the number of charging times is increased. If the charging is excessive, the electrical performance of the battery is good, but it will damage the battery itself and shorten its service life, so the new battery must be Carefully perform the initial charge.

12V Storage Battery

For ordinary batteries, be sure to charge initially according to the charging specification before use. For dry-charged lead-acid batteries, if they are used normally in the specified two-year storage period according to the instruction manual, as long as the electrolyte of the specified density is left for 15 minutes, it can be put into use without charging. However, if the storage period is more than two years, due to partial oxidation on the electrode plate, in order to increase its charge capacity, it should be recharged before use and charged for 5 hours to 8 hours before use.

2. 12V Storage Battery does not charge recharge

This is for start-up batteries, and some drivers often neglect to recharge the battery in use. Because the battery is not fully charged in the car, it is easy to cause the plate to vulcanize; at the same time, the amount of charge and discharge in use is unbalanced. If the discharge is greater than the charge and the battery is in a deficient state for a long time, the battery plate will slowly vulcanization. This chronic vulcanization will reduce the charge capacity of the battery until the start-up is weak, which greatly shortens the service life of the battery. The active material on the battery plate is timely reduced, the plate is vulcanized, the charge capacity of the battery is increased, and the service life is prolonged. The battery in the vehicle should be periodically charged and recharged.

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