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What Capacity E-Bike Battery Do You Need?

Mar. 07, 2019

As a general rule it is ideal to get the largest and best quality E-Bike Battery that you can as this may mean a simpler life for the battery and even greater range per charge.

Battery capacity is measured in Watt hours (Wh) and 400Wh or 500Wh are fast becoming standard sizes. You might want to go small though, for example on an extremely lightweight efficient e-bike, folder or if you simply know you’ll only be making short trips. 

E-Bike Battery

if you are after maximum distance on a single charge there are dual Power Battery systems out there that mean you don’t even have to swap batteries. Our own  battery system gives a massive 1000Wh capacity – enough to ride all day on high power settings – and it automatically draws power from both batteries at an even rate, the optimum method for giving your batteries an easy life.

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