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Is It True that E-bike Battery is Full of Electricity can Extend Its Life?

Mar. 06, 2018

China Power Battery is the energy carrier of electric vehicle, is the key component that affects the electric vehicle performance. To keep the electric car ride farther, we need to have a sense of E-bike Battery protection.

1.During the driving process, when the dashboard indicates red, its electricity enter the starvation area, it should be charged timely. Charging in time can greatly prolong the e-bike battery life and keep it in full state at any time. 

2.Recharging for 18 hours for the first time. When the Lithium Polymer Battery is not used for long time, it should be stored in sufficient electricity and recharge every 15 days. 

3.Every important technical indicators of the charger must be consistent with the battery life.

4.If you do not know the charger is good or bad, you would better to change it. 

5.When the e-bike battery is used in winter, the output capacity will decrease with the temperature, and the riding mileage will be shortened normally.

E-bike Battery

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