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Four Common Battery Charging Error Concepts 2

Apr. 08, 2019

As a 12V Storage Battery Manufacturer, let's take the 12V Storage Battery as an example to introduce the most common four charging error concepts, I hope to help everyone.

3. Overcharged battery

The previous point has already said that the 12V Storage Battery should not be overcharged for the first time. However, after normal use, it is often overcharged. Even if the charging current is not large, the electrolyte will "boiling" for a long time, except that the fine particles on the surface of the active material are easy to fall off. The grid will be excessively oxidized, causing the active material and the grid to be loosely stripped.

4. Polarity reversal during charging

Due to the different materials of the 12V Storage Battery positive and negative plates, in addition to the active material, the negative electrode plate is also added with materials such as barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin to prevent shrinkage and oxidation of the negative electrode plate. In addition, the number of negative plates of each single cell is always one more than the number of positive plates, and the negative plate is slightly thinner than the positive plate. When the initial charge or supplementary charge of the 12V Storage Battery is performed, if the polarity is not paid attention to, the battery will be reversed, resulting in insufficient battery charge capacity, failure to work properly, and even battery retirement. Therefore, you must pay attention to the polarity when charging, and must not reversing the polarity.

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