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How Does The 48V Storage Battery Work?

Apr. 13, 2019

The general battery lead-acid battery is composed of a positive and negative plate, a separator, a casing, an electrolyte and a wiring pile head. The chemical reaction of the discharge is performed by the active material of the positive electrode plate and the active material of the negative electrode plate under the action of the electrolyte. As a China Power Battery Cell Supplier, Vodno introduces the principle of the 48V Storage Battery to everyone.

The basic principle of a battery is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy during discharge, and convert electrical energy into chemical energy during charging.

When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is a negative electrode, which undergoes an oxidation reaction and is oxidized to lead sulfate; the lead dioxide is a positive electrode, and a reduction reaction occurs, and is reduced to lead sulfate.

48V Storage Battery

When the battery is charged by direct current, the two poles respectively produce lead and lead dioxide.

After removing the power supply, it returns to the state before discharge, forming a chemical battery with internal dynamic balance.

The above is the principle of the 48V Storage Battery. The battery can regenerate the internal active material by means of charging - storing electrical energy as chemical energy; and converting the chemical energy into electrical energy when it is required to discharge.

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