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How Does The E-bike Motor Work? 1

May. 21, 2019

As an E-bike Battery Pack Exporter, let's share with you how the electric bike's motor works. Fundamentally, electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric bicycles use brushless DC motors or brushless DC motors, which means they do not use brushes to alternate the direction of current flow to the motor, just like old motors. These brushes have reduced motor efficiency and tend to wear over time, so brushless motors have been the standard for more than a decade.

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Turn on the BLDC motor and you will see a bunch of wires wrapped around a series of round electrodes. That is the stator; when the motor controller draws current from the battery into the wire, it becomes an electromagnet. You can also see a series of permanent magnets located directly inside or outside the stator. The direction of the magnet relative to the stator depends on the type of BLDC motor, but in either case it is the rotor.

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