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How E-Bike Battery Works 1

Jan. 23, 2019

Electric bikes: at a fundamental level they are only a bike that has been electrified using a motor and E-Bike Battery. Thus, you are aware that you are starting out with your normal bicycle parts: pedals, gears, shifters, a chain drive, and obviously a bike frame.

If you had to keep your electric bike plugged into the wall, your bike wouldn’t exactly be convenient. So, the capacity and output of your Power Battery matters a lot.

Typical batteries offer between 250 and 500 watts, meaning they put out about 20 to 50 volts and 10 to 12 amps. To simplify things, think of volts as the potential energy, and amps (or amperes) as how much electricity can flow through at any given point. Then, volts multiplied by amps equals watts.

China Power Battery Supplier tell you How far a battery will get you of course depends on how much energy your motor uses, as well as the terrain, and how much the rider assists with pedaling. On average, a decent electric bike will go about 40 miles if the rider is helping pedal, or just 20 if they’re not. Throw in an “extended range” battery and you may get 60 and 30 miles, respectively.

Older electrical bicycles generally used lead-acid batteries, which would be the kind of batteries often utilized to start cars. While they are rather affordable, the drawback is they are extremely heavy and slow to recharge. More contemporary e-bikes have swapped those for lithium ion batteries, which can be much milder, need less maintenance, and also possess higher lifespans.

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E-Bike Battery

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