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Lead-acid Batteries

May. 14, 2019

The battery is the source of power for electric vehicles. At present, the key factor restricting the development of electric vehicles is that power batteries are not ideal. The main performance indicators of electric vehicle batteries are specific energy, specific power and service life. As an E-bike Battery Pack Exporter, let us introduce you to the lead-acid battery.

36V E-bike Battery Pack

Lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years and are widely used as starting power sources for internal combustion engine vehicles. It is also a mature electric vehicle battery, which has good reliability, easy availability of raw materials and low price; the specific power can basically meet the power requirements of electric vehicles. However, it has two major drawbacks; one is lower than the energy, the mass and volume are too large, and the mileage is short on one charge; the other is the short service life and the use cost is too high.

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