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How To Prevent The Battery From Being Stolen?

Apr. 28, 2019

As an E-bike Battery Pack Exporter, let's talk about how to prevent battery theft.

1. GPS satellite positioning function: The tracker will be equipped with a GPS module, and the preset monitoring center can query the operation of the terminal.

2. Emergency alarm: When the GPS data of the tracker or the exchange and the base station number change beyond the setting range, the tracker will alarm the pre-set alarm receiver's mobile phone and monitoring center, and send it to the monitoring center. The GPS location information and the corresponding exchange office and base station number are uploaded; if there is no satellite positioning, the corresponding exchange office and base station number are returned in the alarm information. The center can judge whether to track the terminal according to the situation.

3. GSM and GPRS dual mode (that is, data can be transmitted via GSM SMS or data can be transmitted via GPRS network).

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4. GPS and base station dual positioning (the reported information includes both GPS information and base station information).

Data information storage (when the alarm is activated, the memory chip will record the latest GPS information collected and the acquisition time)

5. Power failure alarm and continuous operation (after the external power supply is disconnected, the tracker will automatically start the backup battery and generate alarm information. The standby battery working time depends on the number of parallel batteries, which is determined by the user according to the actual situation).

6. Electronic map tracking path.

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