Custom lithium battery packs manufacturer

With over 12 years experience in the lithium battery market, we focus on custom lithium battery packs design and manufacturing. We provide one-stop lithium battery packs custom solutions accoding to your specific applications. Our portable custom lithium battery solutions optimize performance, size, lifecycle and cost to provide our customers with a unique competitive advantage. We offer design support for the total battery pack requiring a BMS, a PCB, Enclosure, Testing, Regulatory Support, Custom Programming, etc. for industrial, commercial, and military applications. From the original design concept to sample test and large-scale manufacturing, Our custom battery expert will have a detailed discussion with you.

Cooperation Process For Custom Battery Design

Pls refer to following custom battery flow scheme in order to smooth communication, both saving work's time for you and improving work's efficiency for us.


Determines all details of battery pack


Offer quotation and solution for discussion


Provide specification and drawing for confirmation


Build sample for testing purpose


Sign a contract and Mass production

Our Products

We promise battery cell we used has CE CB UL ROHS UN relative certifications. Battery pack we built could pass the same certifications. We have a complete battery cell production line and a rich channel of brand battery cells, from lithium battery packs, electric bicycle battery packs, 18650 battery packs, lifepo4 battery packs to RC lithium polymer battery packs, we have the expertise to help you deal with the most complex design and manufacturing challenges.

Custom made to the Highest Standards

Buying tips

When you talk to us about batteries details, Following question are important factor to check the cost and offer the solution.Pls complete the form as details as possible.


Which kinds of battery type & brand you are looking for ? lifepo4 or li ion?


What is batteries’voltage and capacity requirement?


What is batteries’continue discharge and peak?


What is the application's motor power?


What is batteries size requirements?


What is batteries case material?


What is connector of discharge and charge?

What is Your Application?Talk to us, Vodno Battery Experts will offer you a best solution

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