Lithium Battery Pack

Rechargeable lithium ion battery packs are commonly used in many energy storage and electric vehicle today. Due to its inherent strengths over other chemistries, lithium ion battery pack becomes one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery.

Professional Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer in China

As one of reliable lithium ion battery pack manufacturers in china of the lithium ion battery market. Vodno focus providing perfect portable lithium ion battery pack solution and battery management system in battery industry over 10 years. We developed into battery design and development, electronic circuit program design, battery production and quality control, sales in one of the high-tech Co., Ltd.  We offer design support for the total battery pack requiring a BMS, a PCB, enclosure, testing, regulatory support, custom programming, etc. for industrial, commercial, and military applications. As one of the gold lithium ion battery pack suppliers, we have a complete battery supply chain and our lithium ion battery pack technology and battery pack production capability are praised by all cooperative customers. 

Specifications of Portable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) BMS current (Max.A)  Charger(A) Battery cell
36V(10S) 15Ah 30A 2A China/Samsung
20Ah 30A 2A China/Samsung
25Ah 30A 2A China/Samsung
27.5Ah 30A 2A China/Samsung
48V(13S) 15ah 40A 3A China/Samsung
17.5Ah 40A 3A China/Samsung
20Ah 40A 3A China/Samsung
22.5 Ah 40A 3A China/Samsung
28.8Ah 60A 3A China/Samsung
52V(14S) 15Ah 40A 5A China/Samsung
20Ah 40A 5A China/Samsung
25.6Ah 60A 5A China/Samsung

Portable Lithium Ion Battery Packs for Sale

Find more details about our lithium ion battery packs below and get the wholesale price from china lithium ion battery pack manufacturer now! 

One-stop Custom Lithium Battery Pack Service

There are various series of li-ion battery packs at Vodno, nominal voltages are divided into 24V, 36V, 48V, 52V and 72V, all our battery packs are made of world-famous brand lithium ion battery cells. 18650 Li-ion battery is the battery of choice when designing for higher voltage and current requirements. From small single-cell packs to large battery packs, we have the capability to custom design lithium Ion battery pack to meet your product’s specific needs. We build li-ion battery packs with Samsung and china famous 18650 Li-ion cell and Li-ion 21700 cells. We promise the li-ion battery cells we used have CE CB UL ROHS UN relative certifications. Lithium ion battery pack we built could pass the same certifications. Some of battery pack had been got certifications according to customer's requirements.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturing Process

Material preparation / product design → Cell automatic sorting / PCB automatic sorting → Battery combination → Automatic welding → Welding checking → Welding line → Pack with BMS → Insulation performance checking → Packed with case → QC checking → Temperature test → Vibration test → Print LOGO → Aging testing → Finished product test

Advantages of Industrial Lithium Ion Battery Packs

1. High energy density

2. Better cycle life

3. Lighter weight

4. Rechargeable

5. Longer shelf life

6. No memory effect

Applications of Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack

Electric vehicles:Electric bicycle, Electric motorcycle, Electric tricycle, Four wheeled vehicle

Energy storage:Renewable energy, Motorhome, Golf Cats, Telecom base

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