52v E-bike Battery Pack

As a reliable e-bike lithium battery pack manufacturer, vodno offers 52V e-bike battery packs that are compatible with almost all brands and models of OEM e-bike batteries. Our 52V e-bike battery packs are of high quality, meeting or even exceeding factory specifications for e-bike batteries. Choose from several different size options depending on your e-bike brand, model and power requirements.

Advantages of 52v ebike battery pack

Compared to the 48V battery pack, the higher voltage 52V battery pack provides more power, faster speed and higher efficiency for a more enjoyable ride.

More speed

Higher voltage systems make the motors of our e-bikes spin faster and provide great hill climbing torque desired by e-bike enthusiasts. 

Higher efficiency

Higher battery voltage allows riders to get more power and faster speeds with less battery current, better prolong the life of electronic system.

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