24v E-bike Battery Pack

E-bike lithium battery packs are available in several chemistries, You could make a decision according to your market.

  • Lithium cobalt oxide provides the greatest energy density
  • Lithium manganese offers greater safety with lower energy density than lithium cobalt oxide
  • Lithium iron phosphate provides high discharge rate capabilities, as well as long cycle and calendar life

Details of 24v E-bike Battery Pack




Battery capacity

Sliver Fish




Hailong 24v 7S 14Ah-24.5Ah



As a reliable e-bike lithium battery pack manufacturer, vodno offers 24 volt e-bike battery packs that are compatible with almost all brands and models of OEM e-bike batteries. Our 24V e-bike battery packs are of high quality, meeting or even exceeding factory specifications for e-bike batteries. Choose from several different size options depending on your e-bike brand, model and power requirements.


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