LTO Cell

Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) is characterized by fast charge, extended battery life, extraordinary safety and wider operating temperature, compared other lithium batteries. Vodno is an international leading supplier in manufacturing LTO cells for electronic products and energy storage industrial. From lithium titanate battery design, production to testing and shipping, we provide one-stop LTO battery cells solution for you.

Features of Lithium Titanate LTO Cells

1. Super long cycle life: over 30,000 times

2. Faster charge: 10mins fully charged

3. Higher discharge rate: Up to 10C

4. Wide working temperature range: -50°C ~ 65°C

5. High Safety(No fire, explosion,leakage)

Applications of LTO Lithium Cells

1. Personal Healthcare, Medical Devices

Electric toothbrush, smart electric shaver, metabolism tracker and more

2. High-tech Consumer Electronics Designs

Wireless bluetooth headsets,smart bike lock

3. Electric Vehicles Industry

Emergency start energy for electric vehicles

4. Energy Storage

UPS, solar system, residential

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