48v Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Specifications of Lifepo4 Battery Pack 48V

Type 48v 12Ah 48v 12Ah 48v 20Ah 48v 40Ah 72v 18Ah 72v 30Ah
Case Metal Metal Plastic Metal Metal Metal
Size 175*149*178mm 288*96*173mm 235*158*165mm 380*225*173mm 190*160*177mm 190*160*177mm
Charging Current 20A 20A ≤20A ≤30A 20A ≤30A
Discharge Current 20A ≤20A ≤20A ≤50A 20A ≤30A
Weight 5.5kgs 5.5kgs 7.5kgs 16.5kgs 12.5kgs 20kgs


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