52v Lithium Battery Pack

Our 52V lithium battery pack is made of 14 3.7V lithium batteries connected in series. Generally, lithium battery pack consists of 4 main parts as following


Battery Cell

Types including cylindrical battery cell,prismatic cell,pouch cell 


Used for battery management, common functions like short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, NTC.  Monitor battery status like SOC[State of charge], SOH[State of health], SOP[State of power],  Communication with the battery with CAN protocol.

Battery Enclosure

Could be PVC wrapped, plastic enclosure or metal enclosure. PVC is the most commonly seen type enclosure as it almost doesn’t require any MOQ.


A very important part of a battery pack although it’s not the top concern. Some connectors are still the expensive expense of the total battery cost.


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