48v E-bike Battery Pack

Is a 48v Battery Good for Electric Bikes?


48V electric bike battery is the most popular because it is powerful, efficient, lasts for long hours, longer range, and provides amazing speed to ebikes.However, ebike batteries with 48v have more weight than the 36v battery. It adds some extra weight to the ebike which affects the speed of the bike as well as takes more time to get fully charged. Well, everything in this world comes with some pros and cons. So 48v ebike battery is. Overall, I must admit that it’s an amazing battery for an ebike in all aspects.


As a reliable e-bike lithium battery pack manufacturer, vodno uses high rate 18650 battery cell in auto level quality to make a amazing e-bike battery pack, which has reasonable internal layout in series and parallel, with automatic welding technology using formed pure nickel sheet welding. We supply 48 volt e-bike battery packs that are compatible with almost all brands and models of OEM e-bike batteries.


Our 48V e-bike battery packs are of high quality, meeting or even exceeding factory specifications for e-bike batteries. Choose from several different size options depending on your e-bike brand, model and power requirements.

Professional 48v E-bike Battery Pack Manufacturer

Pre-sale service

♦ We will try our best to discuss with buyer about buyer’s design and application carefully, and provide the best battery solution for buyer’s choice. and we will truth to buyer if buyer’s design has problems.

♦ We would like to provide sample in advance before order.

♦ We will answer you all questions within 24 hours about technology, solution, design and so on.

♦ We can provide specification before order based on the buyer’s requirement.

♦ OEM and ODM are welcome !

In-sale service

♦ You will get professional teams services to follow up your order.

♦ Our sales team will feedback you the order’s status on time, and make a payment plan for you if you needed.

♦ We are able to guide you to make a correct shipping ways and provide professional shipping service in cheap cost. We would like to cooperate with your forwarder If you have one.

♦ Any changes or problems we will try to fix them before shipping beside the product cann’t been modified.

♦ All the batteries will be inspected by QC department before shipping.

After-sale service

♦ Warranty is 2 year. If any problems we will pay more attention to solve them quickly.

♦ You will get professional after-sale teams service to follow up your problem.

♦ After checking we will provide solution for buyer and try to let everyone satisfactory.


We have many of old customers to working with us for long-time business, they know VODNO are able to provide excellence batteries and best sales service, they were confidence on us to do business with us, we never lie to them. so they get good business in their market and enlarger their business. That is so cool, we are very enjoy with it.


Reliable supplier are key of your business, anyway pls don’t hesitate to try to discuss with us,we can help you to make a right decision and hope you will have a prosperous business in future !

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