72v Lithium Battery Pack

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High capacity 72V lithium battery pack is the most advanced rechargeable battery pack, specially designed for e-bikes, e-motorbike, electric tricycle other applications that require higher energy density batteries. As a reliable 72v ithium battery pack manufacturer in china with over 10 years, our 72V lithium ion battery packs are made of different types of 18650 battery cells such as China brands or LG SAMSUNG\ SONY \PANASONIC. We have In stock small and compact 72V lithium battery pack, capacity from 10Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah and etc., Custom ithium battery pack is warmly welcomed, we can provide battery size design solution in free service and help to get certification of battery specification. We work with you to do the label, shrink wrap, custom terminates or encloses in plastic.

Features of 72V lithium battery pack

  • Long cycle life up to 500 life cycles
  • Excellent Performance on safety
  • High Temperature Resistance

Application of 72V lithium battery pack

The 72v lithium-ion battery pack is a common specification for lithium-ion battery packs. 72V lithium battery packs have higher performance and stronger power, and they are mainly used in electric bicycles, electric vehicles, electric scooters, electric karts, electric motorcycles, etc.

Specifications of lithium ion battery pack 72v

Nominal voltage



Nominal (by standard charge and discharge)

Standard charge method

Constant current and constant voltage (CC/VV)

Max.continuous charge current


Standard discharge

current=4A,cut-off voltage 56V±1V

Cycle life

500 cycles (except for damage and abuse)

Packing material

Epoxy resin board

Operating Temperature


Charge: 0 to 60℃         

Discharge: -20 to 60℃      

Storage Temperature


1 month: -10 to 45℃        

3 month: -5 to 35℃         


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