High Discharge Rate 72v 20Ah China Cell Battery Pack For Electric Scooter

18650 Li-ion batteries are the battery of choice when designing for higher voltage and current requirements. Li-ion have relatively low self-discharge rates, and are capable of high discharge currents and better performance than nickel and lead based batteries.

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Electric boat


Energy storage

RC toy

Led light

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Medical Equipment



VODNO innovative technology built to your product standards. We approach every OEM partnership with openness. so we can understand your needs and you can understand our competencies , standards and commitment to delivery From engineering and design to development teams that prioritize performance and customer experience , trust VODNO to be your single source partner to deliver the custom battery solution that achieves your vision . When you're looking for a trustworthy partner tobuild your custom product , let our experts reduce development risk and bring a high-qualityproduct to market faster for you.


We promise only GRADE A cells for your battery pack, How to differentiate

Grade A cell from B and C, pls refer to following. 

Grade A: Cells perform to manufacturer specifications with long life cycle

Grade B: Cells under-perform or have other defects with short life cycle

Grade C: Cells are used, repackaged, salvaged, or damaged 




Nominal voltage




Minimum: 19.5Ah

Operation voltage


End of charging:84v±1V

End of discharging:56V±1V




Approx. 12 kg

Standard charge method


Constant current and constant voltage (CC/VV), current is 4A, voltage is 84V±0.5V, cut-off current is 0.8A.


Max.continuous charge current



Standard discharge


current=4A,cut-off voltage 56V±1V


Max.continuous discharge current


≤ 60A

Max.pulse discharge current


120A (5S)

Cycle life

500 cycles

Protection functions


Protection of short-circuit      (500µs)

Protection of over charging     (4.25±0.25V)

Protection of over discharging  (2.8±0.1V )

Protection of over current       (360A / 20ms)

Protection of high temperature  (75±5℃)

Connecting plug

XT90 (mother),length of wires 8#: 200mm

Packing material

Epoxy resin board

Operating Temperature


Charge: 0 to 45℃         

Discharge: -20 to 35℃      

Storage Temperature


1 month: -10 to 45℃        

3 month: -5 to 35℃         


What is your application ? Looking forward to your awesome new products. 

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