Characteristics Of An RC Li-polymer Battery

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The major use of RC batteries is to power electric radio-controlled vehicles. RC batteries can be of various types. The most common types are Ni-Mh (nickel-metal hydride) batteries and LiPo (polymer lithium) batteries.

One needs to be very careful of RC Li-polymer batteries when it comes to their maintenance. So, you need to consider a few things. Such as;

Do not exhaust them completely before recharging  (as is the case with mobile phones).

Carrying it in a bag will prevent accidents due to burns, as well as protect your battery from shocks.

Advantages of RC Li-polymer batteries

  • High energy capacity
  • High resistance to discharge
  • They do not have a memory effect: it is not necessary to discharge it completely to recharge it
  • Lightness. Compared to other batteries, with the same weight, the Lipo battery will give more energy
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • High energy density
  • Ability to work with many regeneration cycles
  • linear discharge
  • Ease of measuring stored energy

RC Li-polymer batteries

Characteristics of RC Li-polymer batteries

  •  Li-polymer batteries perform better in terms of capacity and voltage.
  • They are lighter in weight.
  • They have practically no memory effect but are more delicate than Ni/Cd or Ni/Mh.
  •  RC Li-polymer batteries are much ideal for use in model airplanes and model cars.
  • To be charged, it is recommended to use a balance charger since these devices tell you when the battery is fully charged, controlling the energy input. However, you have to be careful with these RC batteries because they are more delicate than others.
  • You mustn't charge it too much or discharge it completely. Otherwise, that could damage the battery forever. For instance, if you leave the battery charging indefinitely without checking when it is full which is causing it can be overcharged.
  • Its time of operation is between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the type of car and the battery capacity (mAh), although it depends a lot on the energy that the car will use.
  • In some batteries, when you go faster, more power is used and the battery can be depleted sooner. This is not so for RC Li-polymer batteries.
  • On the other hand, in RC crawler cars, less energy is used (we make the direction work more than the speed). This is what makes the batteries last much longer.
  • RC Li-polymer batteries is known for its good resistance to shocks.
  •  With RC Li-polymer batteries, you can carry it around in a comfortable Li-polymer battery safety bag. This will help reduce the risk of fire to the barest minimum.

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