UN Packaging for Vodno Lithium-ion Batteries

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What is UN packaging?

Everyone knows that the two letters UN are the English abbreviations of the United Nations, so what is the UN packing? What does it have to do with the United Nations? In fact, UN packing is a kind of special packaging for dangerous goods that has been certified by the United Nations dangerous goods packaging supervision department. It is generally referred to as UN packing in the international transportation of hazardous goods. It plays a very important role in the international transportation of hazardous goods.


Advantages of UN packing

Most UN packages are made of multi-layer corrugated paper, and then through a special process, they are extremely compressive, puncture-resistant, moisture-proof and waterproof and create a very safe environment for the contents. During transportation, ordinary cartons are easily deformed due to squeezing, causing the contents to flow out, but UN packing has better compression performance than ordinary cartons,which can better protect the contents.

UN packaging

Lithium-ion batteries packaging

In August of this year, the Maritime Safety Administration required that all the outer packaging of dangerous goods must be UN outer boxes, and will be released only after customs inspection. As a supplier and export of lithium-ion batteries, We Vodno clearly know that for storage and transport of hazardous materials, such as lithium-ion batteries (UN 3480/UN 3481), tested hazmat packaging is required. We strictly comply with relevant regulations and the battery packaging provided by our company has applied for the dangerous package certificate and passed the inspection.


Vodno Lithium battery pack

Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries are rechargeable batteries, lithium ion battery pack has many different sizes and capacities. Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack are commonly used in many consumer electronic device and electric vehicle today. Lithium ion battery becomes one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable or hand held electronic devices and as with all rechargeable batteries.


1. High energy density

2. better cycle life

3. lighter weight

4. charge reliability,

5. longer shelf life

6. No memory effect

There are variety series of Li-ion battery packs at Vodnobattery, nominal voltages is divided into 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V. 18650 Li-ion battery pack is the battery of choice when designing for higher voltage and current requirements.

lithium ion battery 

Search partnership with a lithium ion battery supplier?

Over the last 10 years, as a lithium ion battery pack manufacturer in the lithium ion battery market. Vodno focus on Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solution and battery management system. We developed into battery design and development, electronic circuit program design, battery production and quality control, sales in one of the high-tech Co., Ltd. As one of the gold battery suppliers, our lithium ion battery technology is praised by all cooperative customers. If you have any questions or need to know more about our products, please kindly contact us!


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