Why Would an Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Catch Fire?

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The invention of novel electric bicycles has significantly increased the use of electric bicycle battery packs such as lithium-ion batteries with high durability. Thus, if you just got an electric bicycle, you may need a durable electric bicycle battery pack.

However, several incidents of some electric bicycle battery packs spontaneously catching fire have occurred. If you want to know what could have caused those incidents and how to stay safe if such occurs, you're reading the right piece.

In this article, we will explain what could cause an electric bicycle battery pack to catch fire and what to do when such happens.

So, What Could Make Your Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Catch Fire?

Electric bicycle battery packs are highly heat-sensitive and highly combustible. Normally, these battery packs would have a much longer lifespan, but heat causes them to deteriorate much more quickly. In the event of a battery pack failure in an electric bicycle, the resulting explosion can result in significant property damage. This necessitates swift action and the establishment of battery safety standards.

There are several potential causes for your electric bicycle battery pack to catch fire, including:

electric bicycle battery pack

1. Flaws in Production

Impurities (metal particles) can enter the lithium-ion cell due to manufacturing defects. Manufacturers of batteries should use only strictly controlled cleanrooms. Separators may have thinned, which is a defect that could be problematic in practice. Before being sold, cells should be tested and validated to ensure their quality.

2. Low-quality materials

One of the main reasons batteries fail is that they are made with subpar materials. Battery manufacturers are taking shortcuts where they shouldn't to keep their prices low in the face of rising competition. Inadequate electronic components, such as the battery management system, can lead to premature battery failure.

The reliability and efficiency of the battery pack depend heavily on the management system. Having this safeguard in place prevents the battery pack from being used outside of its specified parameters.

Since batteries are such an important part of an EV or energy storage system, it's crucial to have a system in place to monitor them for signs of cell failure and disconnect them before they cause an explosion.

3. Misuse or abnormal application

Intentional or unintentional exposure to extreme temperatures, such as storing the battery pack in a hot vehicle or next to an open flame, can cause an explosion. Whether on purpose or by accident, puncturing the battery pack will result in a short circuit and the battery catching fire. Because of this, the warranty on electric vehicles is voided if the battery pack is taken apart in any way that wasn't authorized by the manufacturer.

4. Charger Problems

The battery may be harmed if you use a charger that isn't properly insulated. The battery can be severely damaged by excessive heat produced by the charger.

Although lithium-ion batteries have built-in safeguards to prevent overcharging, using an unauthorized charger can cause permanent damage.

What To Do If an Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Ignites?

If the electric bicycle battery pack starts to get too hot, you should disconnect the power source and move the device away from any combustibles. When a fire breaks out in a lithium battery, you should never try to put it out yourself if you're in an electric vehicle; instead, you should get out immediately.

The use of a standard ABC or BC dry chemical fire extinguisher is required in the event of a fire, as these are Class B fires.

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