3.7v 8800mAh 18650 l ion battery pack 4P with PCB

18650 Li-ion batteries are the battery of choice when designing for higher voltage and current requirements. Li-ion have relatively low self-discharge rates, and are capable of high discharge currents and better performance than nickel and lead based batteries.

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Electric bicycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric tricycle

Electric boat


Energy storage

RC toy

Led light

Street light


Medical Equipment



18650 battery pack is used for many of electric devices, it can be made based on electric devices power requirements, The best advantages are lighter , size smaller, easier suitable. Customized battery pack service are following: 


Battery cell can be choose for China brands or LG SAMSUNG SONY PANASONIC

PCB parameter could change based on application

VODNO provide difference color of plastic PVC.

Buyer’s logo printing on battery requirement are welcome

Design battery size and solution in free service

Buyer advise connector type in order to assembly easily.


Connector types for your choice. If you can't find exact ones, You need tell us model number, We are able to build battery pack with it accordingly.






Typical Capacity                

8800mAh          @ 0.2C Discharge  

Minimum capacity     

8780mAh          @ 0.2C Discharge

Nominal voltage            


Standard Charge                                

CC/CV,0.2C5A, 4.20V

Standard Discharge            

CC,0.2C5A, 3.00V 

End-of-charge  Voltage  


End-of-charge Current    

0.02C5A (At CV mode)

End-of-discharge Voltage  

3.00 V

Charging Time          

8.0hours(standard charge) 8小时

Quick Charge Current    

8800mA    (1.0C5rate)

Quick Discharge Current 

17600mA   (2.0C5rate)

Max Discharge Current  

26400mA   (3.0C5rate)

Initial Impedance        




Operating temperature     

Charging:  0℃~45℃


Storage temperature       


Storage Humidity        

≤75% RH


Without scratch, distortion, contamination and leakage

Standard environmental condition


Temperature               : 25±2℃

 Humidity                  :  45-75%RH

Atmospheric Pressure       : 86-106 KPA


If your electrical device needs battery pack, pls contact us for more details, Here you could find suitable battery pack. 

Telecommunication: cellular phone, web phone, interphone, wireless earphone.

Portable office devices: Notebook, PDA, portable electrograph, portable printer. 

Video devices: GPS, digital camera, camcorder, portable DVD, portable television, MP3, MP4. 

Portable exchange devices: POS, Handy, Fingerprint machine, portable stock machine. 

Illuminate devices: miner lamp, searchlight.

Others: toys, models.

What is Your Application?Talk to us, Vodno Battery Experts will offer you a best solution

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