Design Considerations for Lithium Battery Pack

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Lithium-ion batteries are really expensive; you will want to extend the life span of the battery by buying a battery pack. Also, the battery pack ensures proper functioning of the lithium-ion battery such as reducing the heat generated, the high voltage will be controlled, etc.

Why use battery packs for lithium-ion batteries?

The Lithium battery packs cover the lithium-ion battery cells which look like an egg, to generate more voltage to the lithium-ion batteries you need to merge up cells to produce the desired voltage, for example, lithium-ion battery packs produce 3.6 voltages per cell likewise the nickel-cadmium produces 1.4 voltage per cells.

The lithium battery packs are characterized by different battery capacities and voltage depending on how the battery is designed. If you need more current than a single cell could supply you will need to place the battery cells in parallel, also if you need the capacity to run longer you will fix the battery cells parallel in the battery packs.

Geometry structural designed consideration for lithium battery pack

  • Linear, ladder, F-type
  • Multiple row type
  • Face-centered cubic
  • Axial type
  • Packing cells in a tube in 4rows.

lithium battery packs

Packing assembly guide for lithium battery packs

  1. Soldering and welding

Usually, the batteries cells are welded together on a spot using a nickel strip as a contact between the cells, it is very dangerous for the cells to be soldered directly because it could cause blockage of the safety vent, easy melting, and internal shorting when heat is too high.

Capacitive discharge spot welder and spot weld nickel spots are used in soldering battery cells together and it's the cheapest and most effective way of soldering the lithium battery pack.

  1. Heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tube is constructed in the lithium battery pack to ensure that the heat generate does not reduce the voltage and the capacity of the battery pack.  Usually, this is done by adding structural materials to the battery cells such as plastic or fish paper to the top and bottom of the pack.

However, if you are moving the battery into another case mostly plastic cases, you must tape the case with the heat shrink tube for ease of handling, also glue is used to tack things to increase the strength, hot glues are frequently used because they favor the battery pack, moreover, the cyanoacrylates are also used but they weaken the vinyl shrink heated tube if not reinforced.

  1. Battery holders and potting

Ensure that there is adequate provision for short cells and long cells while tackling the cells in the battery pack. It should always possess a sharp edge so that the cells could meet each other.

In addition, the battery expands and contract during the heat in which can be prevented by potting the battery, although, potting isn't the best method unless you follow another method whereby you will ensure the foam is placed in the lithium battery pack to absorb the stress of expansion but the only problem is the ventilation into the battery which can be resolved by potting the battery.

  1. Cabinet and cases

During the contraction and expansion in the lithium pack battery, they are the released oxygen and hydrogen. And the elimination of hydrogen is important, to prevent the explosion of the materials. In case the lithium battery pack is closely packed ensure that inert gas is used to absorb the hydrogen.

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