Features and Advantages of Lithium Ion Battery

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Lithium-ion batteries are recently developed battery that makes use of lithium-ion as a major component of its electrochemistry. The discharge cycle of lithium is ionized in the anode and the electron is separated, electrons move from the anode to the cathode passing through the electrolyte where both the cathode and anode recombine and become electrically neutral.

The lithium-ion is very small which could pass through a micro-permeable between the cathode and the anode, in fact, because of the small size of lithium-ion the battery has the capacity of having very high charge storage to the mass unit and also high voltage.

The lithium-ion battery can use different electrode materials; the most common type of combination of lithium batteries is lithium cobalt oxalate as cathode and graphite as the anode which is commonly found in portable laptops and cell phones. Other electrode materials used by lithium include lithium manganese used in hybrid electric and electrical automobiles and lithium-ion phosphates, mostly lithium-ion uses ether an organic compound as an electrolyte.


Advantages of lithium-ion battery compared to other batteries


  1. The lithium-ion battery has several advantages compared to a high-quality cadmium-nickel or nickel-metal hybrid. Lithium ions are one of the best batteries with high energy density in any battery technology, the battery can deliver up to 3.6 volts which is three times greater than cadmium-nickel which means they can deliver a high amount of current for high power application.  

An electronic device such as a cell phone needs to be operating between charges will consuming power, lithium battery is best for such portable devices.

Lithium-ion batteries

  1. In addition, the lithium-ion battery has comparatively low maintenance; does not require regular discharge cycling to maintain the battery life. The lithium-ion battery does not have a memory effect, detrimental effects that cause repeated discharge or charged battery cycle to cause battery from remembering its low capacity, this is the advantage over cadmium-nickel and other battery technology which display this effects.
  2.  It also adopts self-discharge of about two percentage in a month, its discharge rate on a cell phone could be about four percent after been fully charged within a day, it doesn't contain toxic cadmium that will not be discharged easily but lithium-ion battery will be discharged easily.
  3. Due to the advantage is listed above lithium-ion battery had completely replaced cadmium-nickel as the market leader for electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, etc. it also used in the power electrical systems application such as airplane, commonly used in the new and environmentally friendly Boeing 787 where weight is considered as a factor.


Some other advantages of lithium-ion batteries compared to include;


  • Variety of types available
  • No need for priming
  • Load characteristics


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