New Product Launch —— 12v150Ah Lithium Lifepo4 Battery

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Hello, dear customers. We have a good news to tell you that we are going to have our new product —— 12v150Ah Lithium Lifepo4 Battery. First, let me show you some pictures of the new product and then I will introduce Lifepo4 Battery Pack and our new product to you.

12v150Ah lithium lifepo4 battery

What is Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Lifepo4 Battery Pack is the more efficient technology battery, knocking out traditional lead acid batteries. VODNO provides a complete line of 12 ,24 and 48 volt batteries for use inRVS, Boats, Evs and off-grid applications and much more.


What Are Applications of Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Boats/Kayaks: VODNO batteries offer tremendous advantages for powering small boats and kayak motors. LiFePo4 batteries are less than half the weight of traditional lead acid batteries and offer greatly enhanced cycle life which make them ideal for using them in small boats and kayak motors.

Communications Equipment including Ham Radio: Many of our customers are using LiFePO4 batteries to replace lead acid for radio communications equipment including ham radio. The longevity and number of charge cycles have prompted many users to switch over to LiFePO4 technology.

E-Bikes / E-Scooters / Small Vehicles: Many of our customers are using LiFePO4 batteries for e-bikes/e-scooters to replace lead acid batteries. Because LiFePo4 batteries offers tremendous advantages including high specific capacity and greatly enhanced cycle life, and very low weight, these batteries are ideal for e-bike / e-scooter applications.

Energy Storage: LiFePO4 batteries when combined with converters and inverters can be used as an energy storage solution which can power many types of electrical loads in environments where there is no access to electricity.  For example, many portable electronics can be charged using LiFePO4 batteries including laptops and smart phones.

Solar: LiFePO4 batteries can be combined with a solar panel and solar controller. The solar panel can charge the LiFePO4 battery while at the same time provide power to an electrical load.   Compared to lead acid batteries, VODNO’s LiFePO4 batteries offer outstanding cycle life.  


What Are Benefits of Lifepo4 Battery Pack

LiFePO4 Batteries are Lightweight

Because these batteries have a higher power density than lead-acid batteries, they can be contained in a smaller, lighter weight product. This is especially beneficial in an RV, where weight is an important consideration for almost any component.

LiFePO4 Batteries are High Efficiency

LiFePO4 batteries are highly efficient. You can use most of the battery’s capacity without lowering its lifespan or capacity. Lead-acid batteries are typically only able to use about 50-percent of the battery’s capacity before irreversible damage takes place, lowering the battery’s overall capacity.


Our New Product —— 12v150Ah Lithium Lifepo4 Battery

12v150Ah lithium lifepo4 battery is used for electric motorhome and is part of VODNO Low-Temperature Series. This lithium iron phosphate battery is specially designed for cold-weather performance. VODNO series batteries can safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°C)using a standard charger. It can be used in low temperature environment and it is suitable for Europe and America market.

12v150Ah lithium lifepo4 battery

However, our company not only provides Lifepo4 Battery Pack, but also provides Lithium ion battery cell, Lithium battery pack, Electric Bicycle Battery Pack and RC Lipolymer Battery. If you are looking for a reliable merchandise of Lifepo4 Battery Pack, please contact us now!


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