Lithium ion battery cell

The rechargeable lithium ion battery is the gasoline of the 21st century. 18650 21700 cells are typical type for using to make battery pack for widely electrical equipment. Vodno offers a variety of different brands battery cells.

Safety features of lithium ion battery cell

There are very strict standards for the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries in the world. A qualified lithium-ion battery should meet the following conditions

1. Short circuit: no fire, no explosion

2. Overcharge: no fire, no explosion

3. Hot box test: no fire, no explosion (constant temperature of 150℃ for 10min)

4. Acupuncture: no explosion (use a Ф3mm nail to penetrate the battery)

5. Plate impact: no fire, no explosion (10kg heavy object hits the battery from a height of 1M)

6. Incineration: no explosion (gas flame grill battery

Advantages of li ion cell

1. High voltage

The working voltage of single battery is as high as 3.7-3.8V (3.2V for lithium iron phosphate), which is 3 times that of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries.

2. Greater energy

The actual specific energy that can be achieved is about 555Wh/kg, that is, the material can reach a specific capacity above 150mAh/g (3-4 times Ni-Cd, 2-3 times Ni-MH), which is close to its theoretical value. About 88%.

3.Long cycle life

Generally, it can reach more than 500 times, or even more than 1000 times, and for lithium iron phosphate, it can reach 8000 times. For electrical appliances with low current discharge, the battery life will double the competitiveness of electrical appliances.

4. Good safety performance

No pollution, no memory effect. As the predecessor of Li-ion, the lithium battery has a short circuit due to the formation of dendrites, which reduces its application fields: Li-ion does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements that pollute the environment; some processes (such as sintering) A major drawback of Ni-Cd batteries is the "memory effect", which severely restricts the use of batteries, but Li-ion does not have this problem at all.

5. Low self-discharge

The self-discharge rate of fully charged Li-ion stored at room temperature for 1 month is about 2%, which is much lower than 25-30% of Ni-Cd and 30-35% of Ni-MH.

6. Fast charging

The capacity of 1C charging in 30 minutes can reach more than 80% of the nominal capacity, and the ferro-phosphorus battery can be charged to 90% of the nominal capacity in 10 minutes. 7. Working temperature The working temperature is -25~45°C. With the improvement of electrolyte and positive electrode, it is expected to expand to -40~70°C.


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