China brand lishen LR2170SF 21700 3.7v 4500mAh lithium battery cell

21700 battery is short-hand for a rechargeable, lithium ion battery that is 21 mm in diameter and 70 mm long. The big advantage of a 21700 battery over an 18650 battery is the overall energy capacity possible. 21700 batteries are able to reach a maximum capacity of 5000mAh

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Why do we use 21700 battery cell ? 


21700 battery cell is the new innovative technology in nowadays, which is first come up with by Samsung,LG,Panasonic manufactures. While lishen is the fist producer come into quantity production in China.

The big advantage of a 21700 battery over an 18650 battery is the overall energy capacity possible. The capacity density of the 21700 cell is more increased 20% than 18650’s. the cost reductions are goes down 9%. The increasement of energy capacity of a 21700 cell means the number of cell’s quantity needs lower based on same battery pack energy. Although the 21700 cell’s weight and cost both increased,the battery pack system’s weight and cost both goes down.

At present, we had build some battery pack system with 21700 cell, the result is very successful indeed. Tesla have used 21700 4.8Ah cell to build battery pack system for electric vehicle,Lishen 21700 4.5Ah have been used for electric vehicle in China.


Model: Lishen LR2170SF

Manufacturer: Lishen

Chemistry: ICR

Max. continuous discharge current: 3C

Nominal capacity: 4500 mAh

Nominal voltage: 3.6 V

Discharge end voltage: 2.5 V

Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V

Standard charging current: 900mA

Weight: 72.0 g


Vodno promise you that we only provide original A grade cell, Any questions pls free feel to contact sales person. 






Here are a few tips:


Never completely discharge batteries (below 2.5V under load or 3V unloaded)
Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use
Never charge batteries to 4.3V or above
Do not charge unattended
Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for an extended period of time (weeks or more)
If you must store your battery, only store in a case or individual box in a cool and dry place at approximately 3.6-3.7V
Use only high quality battery chargers
Do not expose to heat
Do not connect the positive contact to the negative contact without an appropriate load
Never exceed the battery's specifications
Never try to charge or discharge li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for li-ion batteries
Always charge these batteries on and within fireproof material
Never leave rechargeable batteries in a recharging station unattended
Do not use any rechargeable battery or charger if any visible damage is present, or if known mishandling, accidental or otherwise, has occurred
Always store and transport rechargeable cells in a safe, non-conductive container (never keep a spare battery loose in a pocket, purse, etc. and always use protective cases)
Properly dispose of all battery cells and chargers in accordance with local laws and mandates (if you're unsure, contact your local municipality)
If a rechargeable battery overheats, hisses, or bulges, immediately quarantine the battery from any combustible materials - ideally, take the battery outside
If a rechargeable battery catches fire, the FAA recommends pouring water or soda on the battery and surrounding areas - ideally, use a foam extinguisher to quell the fire

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