Famous China brand BAK N18650CL-2900mAh 3.7V 18650 battery cell for 2 wheel vehicle

The 18650 battery is the gasoline of the 21st century, Lithium-ion is the most promising chemistry of all batteries. Li-ion manufacturers have a regular cycle of improvements, and goals to reach energy density needed for full-adoption seem achievable.

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Electric bicycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric tricycle

Electric boat


Energy storage

RC toy

Led light

Street light


Medical Equipment





BAK N18650CL





Max.discharge current:


Nominal capacity:

2900 mAh

Nominal voltage:

3.6 V

Discharge end voltage:

2.5 V

Charging voltage:

4.20 +/- 0.05 V

Standard charging current:

1.50 A


49.0 g


The energy storage battery is applicable for commercial or residential purposes.

Electric vehicles - HEV, P-HEV, EV

Laptops, smart-phones

E-cigarettes, vaporizers, & MODs

Powertools, cordless tools, gardening tools

Digital cameras, games, MP3 players

Shavers, toothbrushes

Energy storage both commercial and home


RC cars, UAVs, drones, quadcoptors

Industrial machines, industrial stationary

Medical machinery

And more...

All batteries are verified and tested and guaranteed genuine before shipping.


Do not use and leave the cell near a heat source such as fire or heater.

Do not use or leave the cell under the blazing sun (or in heated car by sunshine).

Do not use or leave the cell at very high temperature conditions (e.g., strong direct sunlight or a vehicle in extremely hot conditions). Otherwise, it can overheat or catch fire or its performance will be degenerate and its service life will be decreased.

Do not short circuit, over-charge or over-discharge the cell.

Don’t immerse the cell in water and seawater. Please put it in cool and dry environment if no using.

Don’t reverse the positive and negative terminals

Do not disassemble or modify the cell.

Do not transport or store the cell together with metal objects such as necklaces, hairpins, coins, etc.

Make sure the cell is not with conspicuous damage or deformation.

Don’t connect the cell to an electrical outlet directly.

If the cell leaks and the electrolyte splashes into the eyes, rinse the eyes with clean running water immediately for at least 15 minutes, and go to hospital for treatment if necessary.

Mixed use of cells of different types is not allowed.

Keep the cell away from babies.


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