How To Use Electric Bicycle Batteries

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Do you enjoy the vibes of cycling on your electric bicycle but you're having problems with the batteries? Well, maybe you're not using the batteries properly.

The durability of your electric bicycle batteries can be significantly increased if the batteries are properly used and maintained.

However, not using your electric bicycle batteries properly can cause them to degrade and die in just a few weeks.

High-quality electric bicycle batteries bought from a reputable supplier like Vodnobattery perform excellently and last long if properly used.

Thus, in this article, we will walk you through how to use electric bicycle batteries properly.

Electric Bicycle Batteries

1. Service Your Electric Bicycle Batteries Regularly

If you want to make good use of your electric bicycle batteries, you should have a constant Service schedule for the batteries.

You should take out your electric bicycle batteries for Service at least once in eight months.

You should consider servicing your electric bicycle batteries more often if you ride the electric bicycle every day.

2. Charge To a Safe Percentage Before Use

Electric bicycle batteries, especially lithium batteries which are the most common ones, are not designed to be 100% charged before use.

Before you use your electric bicycle batteries, you should charge them up to a maximum of 80% and make sure they do not discharge below 20% while riding the bicycle.

Anomalously, some high-powered electric bicycles have a charging range of 30-60% which must be followed to prolong the lifespan of the batteries.

3. Use The Right Riding Mode

If you just get a new battery for your electric bicycle, don't be over-excited to use the throttle mode at all times. Doing this will make your batteries degrade quickly.

When your electric bicycle batteries are fixed, consider using the Pedal-assist mode when necessary. With this, you won't be putting much load on your batteries every time.

Using the throttle mode every time will overwork your batteries, thus reducing their durability.

4. Store Your Electric Bicycle Batteries At 60%

If you're going on a long journey without your electric bicycle, or probably you don't just feel like riding for some weeks, then you should charge or discharge the batteries to 60% before staying away from your electric bicycle.

Most electric bicycle batteries especially lithium batteries love to remain at 60% if not used. However, you should top up the battery percentage back to 60% every three months because the battery would have discharged on its own.

5. Use Your Batteries At Optimum Temperature

You shouldn't use your batteries at extremely hot or cold temperatures. Heat and cold will degrade your electric bicycle batteries if you go on riding the bicycle at such temperatures.

You should use your batteries at a pace with an optimal temperature of between 15-20°C. Consider using your electric bicycle with batteries only in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.

So, what should you do when riding under the hot sun? Just use the free pedal-assist mode and put off your batteries to save them

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