Deep cycle battery for RV caravan camping 12v 150Ah battery with heating and bluetooth

LiFePO4 is the more efficient technology batteries, knocking out traditional lead acid batteries . VODNO provides a complete line of 12, 24 and 48 volt batteries for use in RV’s, Boats, EV's and off-grid applications and much more.

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The LiFeP04 Battery (also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate) is a reliable, high performance,  cost effective solution to an AGM/Lead Acid Battery.  The LiFeP04 batteries are the safest type of Lithium chemistry on the market today.  Due to the cathode material inside of each cell, the batteries will not overheat or catch fire (even if punctured).  There are also no health or environmental hazards.   The LiFeP04 battery is so stable it will accept a charge from most standard chargers designed for lead-acid batteries.   

With the advanced BMS (Battery Management System) and the  advantages over conventional Lead Acid batteries the LiFeP04 Batteries are the clear choice.




General Characteristics

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity@0.2C


Nominal energy


Internal Resistance


Life cycle

>2000Cycles @0.2C Charging /Discharging at 90%DOD


≤3.5%per month at 25℃

Standard Charging





Charging voltage


Charging Mode(CC/CV)

At 0℃~45℃temperature, charged to 14.6V at constant current 0.2C5A,and then at constant voltage 14.6V until the current drops to 0.02C5A

Charging Current


Max.Charging Current


Standard Discharging





Discharging Current


Max.Continuous Current


Max.Pulse Current


Discharging cut-off Voltage


Operating conditions




Operating temperature





Storage temperature


Water dust resistance












Lithium’s lifepo4 Batteries include Bluetooth Battery Monitoring with the bluetooth App, heating function. Upgraded Cells and a more smart BMS.   Available in a 120Ah Starting Battery, 100Ah and 60Ah batteries. 12v batteries are capable of series and parallel connections!

About Us

Vodno Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the predecessor of the lithium material, electric bike battery, and the core production-based manufacturers, after nearly seven years of development, has developed into a product design and development, battery solutions and electronic circuit program Design, battery production and quality control, sales in one of the high-tech Co., Ltd., and become the battery industry's leading enterprises. Vodno take a senior engineer of the engineering and technical team as the core,after the years of practice summed up a set of highly efficient and accurate design standards and production management practices to ensurethat each design, each product is uncompromising attention to excellence. "Treat every client with sincerity, implement every promise" is Vodno's corporate culture, scientific management, rigorous attitude, high-quality elite to Vodno brought rapid growth, won the recognition of overseas customers around the world.Now, Vodno Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 20 countries and regions around the world with a number of well-known enterprises to cooperate, many of them like "Foxconn" the world's top 500 enterprises, and most products have been CE, ROHS, UN, etc. International Standard Certification. Today, Vodno has grown into a trusted gold supplier in the battery industry.


Q1.: Does VODNO support door to door shipping? drop ship ?
A1.: Yes. Normally we can arrange DHL,UPS,FedEx to delivery it to the destination By door to door including tax if the unit weight of the lithium battery is below 30kg, .(Kindly note: Lithium battery freight fee is a little bit higher than normal product). meanwhile we can arrange ship by sea after discuss with you if your order weight is huge.

Q2.: Can we do series and parallel connection by ourselves (12 volt battery)?
A2.: Yes. As lithium battery is different from lead acid batteries, we should pay attention to below tips:
a.: Connect the same spec. battery pack. 12v 100ah with 12v 100ah; 12v 300ah with 12v 300ah. Please don't mix them.
b.: The voltage difference of the connection batteries should be 50mV below.
c.: Our battery support 6 series connection OR 6 parallel connection. Please don't series and parallel connection at the same time.
d. If we don't obey the tips, It may cause battery damaged or shorten the battery lifespan.

Q3.: How can I resell lithium batteries well in my market ?
A3.: Firstly do market research, learn more knowledge about lithium battery and application. We can to be your battery factory and support your business in your market.

Q4.: Why VODNO guys ask me so many questions? I just want to know the price !!
A4.: Sorry for that. Lithium battery is different from lead acid battery, discharge current is different, the cost is different even the same capacity and voltage, we just want to provide you exact battery pack in reasonable cost in that case you could get good business in your country. we don't want to wast your time and money.

Q5. Does VODNO battery include BMS? Can we use it for vehicle?
A5: Yes, our battery pack include BMS, the data is come from your information. If you want to use special BMS with CAN or other communication, please inform us, we need to adopt more complex design BMS and different technology solution.

Q6. What is your warranty?
A6: Our standard warranty is 1 year. 800 times at 80%DOD for li ion battery. 2000 times at 80% DOD for lifepo4. We have a complete warranty policy documents, please feel free to contact us to get it.

What is Your Application?Talk to us, Vodno Battery Experts will offer you a best solution

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