48v 200Ah 10.24kWh Stackable Energy Storage Battery

It is composed of high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries (series and parallel) plus an advanced BMS battery management system. Usually classified as low voltage and high voltage, includes 24V, 48V, 51.2V, and so on,with wall mounted, cabinet rack, portable case suitable for your space

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Electric bicycle

Electric motorcycle

Electric tricycle

Electric boat


Energy storage

RC toy

Led light

Street light


Medical Equipment



Compatible with multiple brand inverters 

Cycle life > 6000 times, life up to 10 years

It can be installed in a cabinet in parallel to increase the battery capacity

Communication ports RS232, RS485, CAN

The battery is simple to connect with the inverter and easy to install

Power select appliances during a power outage.such as Power tools, lighting, RVs off-grid

Recharge from the Grid, Solar, Wind or other alternative sources.

Rugged Aluminum and Steel construction with Stainless Steel hardware

Communication Ports for MicroGrid integration.

Safety Breakers, Safety guard connectors for output power terminals.

Battery Charge Level, On/Off and Running Operation LED Indicator

Overcharge, Over voltage, High Temp and Over Current Protection

Automatic Capacity Preservation and switching between Constant Current and Constant Voltage charging.

Short Circuit Protection,Over Temperature Alarm


Model VDO48200 VDO48400 VDO48600
General Characteristics 
Nominal voltage 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V
Nominal capacity 0.2C 200Ah  400Ah 600Ah
MIn.capacity 0.2C 194Ah 388Ah 582Ah
Nominal energy 10.24kWh 20.48kWh 30.72kWh
Dimensions(W*D*H) 600*600*850mm 600*600*1400mm 600*600*1800mm
Approx. weight(exclude cabinet) 105Kg 210Kg 315Kg
Multiple Battery Model VDO48200 VDO48200*2 VDO48200*4
Battery connection Parallel
Electrical Characteristics
Operating voltage range  42V~54V 42V~54V 42V~53.2V
Recommended charging voltage 52.5V~54V 52.5V~54V 52.5V~53.2V
Max. charging current 100A 200A 300A
charging current limit in parallel connection(switched ON) 20A 40A 60A
Max.continuous discharge current 100A 200A 300A
Max.peak discharge current 120A,<3S 250A,<3S 360A,<3S
Discharging cut-off voltage 44.8V 44.8V 44.8V
Faraday charging efficiency ≥98%
Energy charging efficiency ≥92%
Operating conditions
Operating temperature Charge 0℃~50℃
Discharge -20℃~65℃
Storage temperature  -10℃~45℃
Storage duration 12Months @20℃~25℃
Safety standard UL 1642 at cell level
Water dust resistance IP55



Energy Storage System is consisted of 16 pcs of 200 Ah LFP cell originated from China famous brand. They are connected in multi-parallel configurations in a battery cluster. The overall system also provides standard communication port, i.e. CAN and RS485, to monitor the working status and communicate with upper machine as well as the Power Conversion System (PCS) in front. 50kwh 100kwh can be combined as needed A single battery is 48v 200ah 10.24kwh. A whole cabinet is 5 batteries, a total of 51.2kwh,If without master control, it support max 5 parallels for highest 51.2Kwh battery system; If with standard master controls, it can be paralleled and serialed with more batteries.


Widely used for banking system, telecom, server, data center, 5G, UPS, Home energy system etc 


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