Low Voltage 5KWH-50KWH Energy Storage System 51.2v 500Ah lifepo4 battery

It is composed of high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries (series and parallel) plus an advanced BMS battery management system. Usually classified as low voltage and high voltage, includes 24V, 48V, 51.2V and so on,with wall mounted, cabinet rack, portable case suitable for your space

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Electric bicycle

Electric motorcycle

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Energy storage

RC toy

Led light

Street light


Medical Equipment



  • Built-in extinguisher system;
  • Modular stacking design, easy installation
  • Built-in EMS function to increase energy efficiency management
  • Safest type of LiFePO4 battery, an adoption of high-performance control system
  • 50kwh 100kwh can be combined as needed A single battery is 51.2v 100ah 51.2kwh. A whole cabinet is 5 batteries, a total of 51.2kwh If without master control, it support max 5 parallels for highest 51.2Kwh battery system; If with standard master controls, it can be paralleled and serialed with more batteries.


Phase Number Single-Phase
Output Power 3KW-5KW Optional
Rated voltage 51.2V
Rated Capacity 500AH
Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 110A/10S
Standard Charging Current 50A
Fast Charge Current 100A
Number Of Expandable Batteries 5~ 15
Optional Capacity Range 25.6~76.8KWH
Cooling Method Self-Cooling
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Use Period >15 Years@25°C
Cycle Life ≈10000 times
Rated Grid Frequency 50HZ/60HZ Auto Detect
Grid Voltage Range 230V(170Vac~280Vac) ±2% 110V(90Vac-280Vac)±2%
PV maximum Input Power 4200W
MPPT Voltage Range 60-115Vdc
The charging and discharging efficiency of the whole machine >92%
Battery Voltage Range 40.0Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (under voltage alarm / shutdown voltage / over voltage alarm / over voltage recovery... LCD screen can be set)
Warranty Battery (10 years) 丨Inverter (5 years)

Mechanical parameters

Inverter Size/Weight 602*403*139mm/15KG
Battery Size/Weight 602*403*200mm/55KG(single layer)
Chassis Size/Weight 602*403*82mm/6KG
Installation Method Stacked

Environmental parameters

Storage Humidity Range ≤85%RH
operating Temperature 20°C~55°C
Recommended Operating Temperature 25°C
Waterproof IP21



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